P2C, i.e. "Partner to Consumer" :
a new model of organization,
fully dedicated to your
Real Estate Project

All our Partners are high skills professionals. Whether they are based in France or abroad, they are jointly committed in an innovative and challenging approach to exercise their missions.


They share the same vision, and they are focused in understanding the various stakes of their customers’ real estate projects, whether they are Boomers or Millenials, in order to provide them the best quality service.


Riviera Boulevard Partners are all sharing the same vision:

All of the Partners of our organization, are not only employees or occasional contractors. According to their “Partner” status, they are fully commited to the development of the company’s strategy and values. Particularly, they share the same vision that a break in the professional practices of real estate business is necessary, and that this rupture makes sense:

  • Capitalize on human values makes sense
  • Concurring with a high level of professional ethics makes sense
  • Highlighting the sustainable development aspects of the properties makes sense
  • Capitalize on professional experience and collective intelligence makes sense
  • Collaborating with other professionnals for the customer’s benefits makes sense
  • Bet on digital makes sense

By signing the Riviera Boulevard Commitment Charter, they are fully and responsibly engaged in the respect of a high level of professional ethic.


Capitalize on human values, professional experience, high level of ethics, and collective intelligence makes sense


According to this credo, each Riviera Boulevard Partner commits to:

  • Always place the research of the “Perfect Match” for each customer’s Real Estate Project at the center of his approach, in priority of any other consideration.
  • Ensure to his customers and clients the highest level of Business Ethics.
  • Manage business exchanges with customers or clients, and collaborations between Partners or with other professionals, on the basis on this fundamental business ethics, mutual trust and respect.
  • Always conduct business fairly and honestly.
  • Make every effort to resolve any possible arguments by adopting a positive and professional behavior.
  • Nevertheless, in the unlikely event of an issue, claim or dispute not to be resolved by himself, always refer to the Board of Partners to seek advices and/or mediation.

These commitments are the best guarantee of a high-quality service for all or customers.


The research of the “Perfect Match” for each customer's Real Estate Project, is always placed at the center of the Partner’s approach

Meet partner

All our Partners are high skills professionals


Senior Partner

"E xpertise with digital tools is mandatory today in Real Estate. Human values make the difference. We have both."


Christine BEYL

Senior Partner

"Being an effective real estate agent means a long career, experience, knowledge and a high level of professional ethics."

Meet Christine BEYL


Senior Partner

"Real Estate is surely your main asset. It counts a lot for you.  It counts as well for us. Only a Senior Partner will be fully dedicated to your project."

Meet Karine IZOARD

Jean-Laurent LEPEU

CEO & Founder

"Today, developing a pyramidal organization doesn’t make sense. Capitalizing on human values, experience, and collective intelligence makes sense. "

Meet Jean-Laurent LEPEU

Ludovic BRINON

Real Estate Consultant

"My work is a game, a very serious game."

Meet Ludovic BRINON


Real Estate Consultant

"Real estate is a jungle. We're not just home sellers. We're real estate project managers."

Meet Gilles PACCARD


Real Estate Consultant

"True freedom is to be able to have everything on you..."

Meet Isabelle BATTESTI

Corentin THRIERR

Real Estate Consultant

"Patience and length of time are more than force or rage."

Meet Corentin THRIERR


Rental Manager

"All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them."


Olivier COSTA

Senior Partner USA

"Your Partner for all your real estate projects in the USA"

Meet Olivier COSTA


Senior Partner Canada

"Your Partner for all your real estate projects in Canada"

Meet Sylvie ROVIDA

Matthieu OBER

Senior Partner Hong-Kong

"Your Parner for all your real estate projects in Asia"

Meet Matthieu OBER

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