New Development on the French Riviera

Riviera Boulevard offers you a selection of new developments sold at manufacturer price. Enjoy a wide choice of apartments sold off plan or finished, and in addition the advices from our specialized advisors.

What is the difference between the new casinos and the old ones?

Everything is constantly moving and progress is not standing still. People invent something, improve, everything new constantly appears. Slot machines are one of the famous inventions of man, which dramatically managed to change the lives of many. From its inception until today, the slot machine has undergone many different modifications. These new features have been both noticeable and not so noticeable, but all these changes have led to its modern appearance. To your attention we present a new online casino.

Advantages of the new online casino

1. During the development of the new machines all past mistakes were taken into account. Playing will become more enjoyable, and the absence of any errors will increase the chances of winning;
2. Increased protection of confidential information of users, in case of leakage of any information about the casino, yours will remain safe;
3. New slots were added which no online casino had ever offered before.
4. Increased reliability coefficient. Now the user has a number of guarantees on the fairness of the machine.

4 residences to discover

Seaside View

Saint-Laurent-Du-Var | Bord de Mer

Carre Vauban

Nice | Vauban

Blue Pearl

Nice | Fabron

The Exclusive

Nice | Cimiez