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I arrived in Nice when I was 20 years old, as part of a professional transfer to take over the management of a sports shop. After 2 years, conquered by the beauty of the Riviera and a beautiful Nice and not being able to force me to stay within 4 walls all day long, I decided, on the good advice of a real estate agent friend, to become a real estate agent too. The story has been going on for 30 years! A fulfilling professional career, rich in encounters around beautiful real estate projects.

I can say that I count by hundred the number of projects completed. Mastering the transactions in the old, in the new, from studio to villa, from land to building, real estate has no more secrets for me!

Sa passion

Reaching out to others and sharing the present moment

Son endroit préféré de la Côte d'Azur

The seaside path starting from Coco Beach

Sa citation préférée

Learn to write your wounds in sand and carve your joys in stone.

Sa journée parfaite

Wake up in the morning, admire the sunrise to the harmonious sounds of Mother Nature, suitcase at hand ready to discover new horizons!

Riviera Boulevard c'est

A professional environment in harmony with my values. A team of passionate people who are committed to making our clients' projects a reality over the long term.