Valérie Morales

his superpower

" Knowing how to listen to the needs of others "

His career

As a citizen of planet Earth, I feel that I am a citizen of the world above all else and I am always happy to discover new cultures.
Humanity being our common denominator, I look forward to constantly sharing in my personal as well as professional life beautiful values in a Universe open to others and turned towards the future.

The video that thrills

In summary

Language spoken


His passion

Write to share beautiful things

His favorite place on the french riviera

The cloister of the Monastery of Cimiez during the summer nights with its concerts and a starry view of Nice from its gardens.

His favorite quote

Learn to write your wounds in sand and carve your joys in stone.

His perfect day

A beautiful human encounter, with the discovery of a beautiful place.

Riviera Boulevard is

Une entreprise familiale de prestige, en quête d’innovations, ouverte à l’International et avec de jolies valeurs