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Mougins – Valbonne

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His career

Haydée comes from a long line of artists. In her family, everyone is musician, dancer, singer, painter, designer.
She herself has completed all her schooling in a music conservatory and it is thus for her, life is an Art that is practiced with elegance and refinement.
All the resources for the wellbeing also hold a great place in her relations, this is why she has in heart to seek with attention and empathy the good which will make the happiness of its future owners.
And it is with the same care that she takes into account the history of a place entrusted to her for sale.

Haydée has worked for more than 20 years in an international company specialized in rental investment.

In summary

Language spoken

FR - EN - IT - ES - RU - PO

His passion

Natural medicine

His favorite place on the french riviera

St Honorat Island for its peace and natural beauty and the presence of the monks who give it an atmosphere of high spirituality.

His favorite quote

His perfect day

when I feel in symbiosis and harmony with all that surrounds me and I feel that I have been an effective help for someone else.

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A large team of professionals focused on satisfying their clients while reporting a competitive market where it is pleasant to work. Happy and proud to be part of it.

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